Debbie I

My World of Warcraft character is a hot babe.
When I play her, I get to be a hot babe too.
I have adopted the persona of a seventeen year-old brunette named Debbie.
I am a hot babe.

Debbie receives a lot of creepy messages in-game.
Zorath wanted me to quit school and move to Arkansas with him.
Armagio from Washington wanted me to see him naked on Skype.
Cat-called on the streets of Dalaran!
Can’t a warlock sell her wares in peace?

A gnome-priest named Marcutio said,
“I need your sex and your age.”
He said this five times, before challenging me to a duel.
I destroyed him of course, and he called me a slut.

I made an online-dating profile for Debbie.
She needed to be believable, after all.
I met a really sweet man named Bernard.
He promised to help Debbie pay for college.
I think Debbie might love him.

I deleted Debbie.
The new update made warlocks garbage.
Marcutio demanded a rematch, but this time I got wrecked.
Bernard, wherever you are, I am sorry.
Now, I am a druid named Britney.



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